Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Break Bliss-Graduation Style

Hey everyone! Since I recently graduated high school I have been enjoying my first summer as an incoming college student! Since my friends are going to universities all over the country, it is important we see each other a lot before we are separated!
One fun thing graduates do during the summer is throw graduation parties! Graduation parties are held at the graduate's house and involve lots of food and fun. The parties are normally during the afternoon or evening and for the entire family. It's a great way to celebrate with family and friends the accomplishment of graduating!
Eating tasty food at my friend's graduation party
Another fun part of summer is attending theme parks! As you know, I live very close to Disneyland so my friend and I went there to celebrate our graduation! We found Mickey Mouse graduation caps and even got pins that said "just graduated" to wear all day long. It was a great day knowing that how hard we worked in high school to relax and have fun now!
Our Mickey Mouse graduation caps

My graduation trip to Disneyland
What do you do during the summer? How do you celebrate graduation? Let me know in the comments!