Saturday, June 23, 2012

School's Out Summer's In

Hey everyone! Now that Graduation is over and schools around the country are done, it is time for summer vacation! In the United States, summer break is a two to three month long break from school during, you guessed it, the summer time! Once all the hard AP tests are over (check out my AP test blog if you don't know what those are!) it is much needed to have a long break from school.
People use this time off to do different things. Some travel, near or far. Some go to fun locations around us like Disneyland or Palm Springs. Others spend the time to travel to further locations, like Las Vegas or even Europe. My friend and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas with her parents, seeing all the sights and shows. My other friend spent the week in Germany, taking tours and eating culinary masterpieces.
However, this vacation from school is not entirely a break. Almost everyone in high school has summer work to complete before the returning school year. This includes reading books, writing essays, and reviewing for new material. I have lots of summer work, especially with International Baccalaureate work as well. Wish me luck! Luckily the weather is great and I have all the time in the world. Summer will truly be a fun time! I cannot wait to share all my summer adventures with you!

What do you like do to when you are on a break from school? Let me know in the comments!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Glad Grads

Hey everyone! As schools across the country end and summer break begins, seniors (12th grade) graduate high school through a special ceremony called graduation. On this day, students receive their academic degree and become graduates. There is a procession of students in their academic dress (long robes and caps) and speeches by students and advisors. Then each student is called up one by one to receive their diploma.
One of the most important part of graduation is the cap and gowns. This is the attire each student wears. The more clubs and activities the student is involved in, the more tassels they can get to wear with their robe on graduation day. The top five percent of the class gets a big medal to wear as well. At my school, since the school colors are brown and gold, everyone wears brown robes except for the International Baccalaureate students who, due to their heavy work load, get rewarded with wearing a gold robe.
At the end of graduation, everyone takes pictures with their friends and family. Families normally reward their grads with flowers, balloons, and gifts! Then straight after, everyone goes to Grad Night! This is a celebration the school and PTA (Parent Teacher Association) puts on for the students. Its a huge party and celebration at the school that lasts all night until 5AM. The main reason for this is to ensure that all the students will have a safe graduation, before and after. It has evolved into one of the most anticipated events all year! The theme this year was: Life's a Game, Play It! There are rides, raffles with huge prizes, hypnotists, a photo booth, and more! But only seniors can see it, making the graduation process truly special.

Do you wear caps and gowns at your graduation? Do you have a Grad Night? Let me know in the comments!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fashion Forward

Hey everyone! This weekend I volunteered at a big fashion show! The exciting thing about this fashion show was it benefited a charity that stands for a great cause: Working Wardrobes! Working Wardrobes is a organization that provides business clothing to men, women, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges so they can confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency. However, they don't stop there. They provide career training and job placement assistance as well to ensure these people have all the means necessary to successfully create a future.
One of the most exciting part of the fashion show was all the celebrities that attended! It is great to see so many people that support a great charity cause. The location was beautiful, and there were events going on throughout the entire day. There was a vendor boutique, fashion seminars, and three major fashion shows.
As a volunteer there were many things for us to do. We could work registration, give tours of the venue, or be a dresser for the fashion show. I tried to make the most of my volunteer time and worked in all three areas! My favorite part was being a dresser for the fashion show. Each one of the dressers had their own model who we had to quick change during the fashion show! My girl had 5 outfits, so we had to work extremely fast! It was crazy and hectic, but a great experience. It was awesome to see the outfits on the runway and know you helped make that possible. It was a fantastic event and I am so fortunate to have been a part of it!

To find more about Working Wardrobes, click here!

What do you do to give back to the community? Let me know in the comments!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Subject Specifics

Hey everyone! I have been telling you guys about all my tests, but this weekend I got to add three more to my accomplished list. This weekend I took SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Subject Tests are not like the regular SAT, but they are also needed for the college application process. These tests are each one hour solely on specific subjects like ranging from science, math, history, and English subjects. They are to give colleges insight on specific strengths in subjects not on the SAT. Most colleges nowadays don't require these tests, but they recommend them. So they are always an important thing to add to your college process. You can take 3 tests up in each sitting, and there are only a couple of opportunities a year to take the tests. Although it is hard to take more tests, it is a good opportunity to show colleges your hidden strengths in certain subjects!

If you want to find out more about subject tests, check out the official subject test website by clicking here!

What subject test would you take for college?

Let me know in the comments!