Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Senioritis Struggle

Hey everyone! Senioritis has struck Laguna Hills High, and it's contagious! What is Senioritis? It's not an actual illness, but it can feel like one!

Here is the definition of Senioritis from the Urban Dictionary:

Now that we have been accepted to college, completed all our AP and IB exams, and already had our Senior Prom, it is so hard for my friends and I to focus on our classes for the last few weeks of school. Our school is in session until June 19th, so we have 20 more days to keep working.

Senioritis has hit me hard! I would rather text and not work
When Seniors' minds start to wander, they often start to think of Senior Pranks that they can play on the rest of the school. Senior Pranks are a tradition at American high schools and are a fun way for graduating students to leave their mark on campus. Some of my friends from other schools have done fun pranks like decorating the hallways and classrooms at their school with crazy streamers! These Pranks are always harmless but are a fun way for the seniors to leave the school with a bang.

Do you slack off in school before summer? How would you "prank" your school? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Midnight in Madrid: Senior Prom

Hey everyone! High school Prom is one of the biggest events of senior year and mine was held last weekend! Prom is an opportunity to get dressed up in long dresses and tuxedos and have a great time dancing and celebrating our last few weeks of high school.

My friends and I met first to take pictures close to the beach and then boarded a “Party Bus” to take us all together to the Prom. Prom was held in a venue right outside of Disneyland which made it even more special. During the night one Prince and Princess from the Prom Court were selected as the King and Queen of Prom. It was a really fun night and one of the highlights of senior year! 

What do you do at the end of your school year? Let me know in the comments!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Perfect Presentation

Hey everyone! As my senior year is coming to a close, there are many amazing events I can finally be involved in since I am graduating. One of these end of senior year ceremonies is Senior Presentations for my National Charity League class. I have volunteered for local charities through National Charity League for six years and I get to celebrate the end of my work with a debutant style ball with the rest of the girls of my class. All our friends and family came to support us in a presentation about our work with NCL and then a fun party after to celebrate. We all wore long white dresses to symbolize freshness, new beginnings, and an innocence of spirit. Each girl celebrates during Senior Presents a closing of one chapter and a starting of a new chapter in life that will be filled with new people, places, and experiences. Check out some pictures from my NCL class' senior presents below!

To check out another fun event I did with NCL, click here!

What do you do to celebrate an ending? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stress and Strive

Hey everyone! This week has been extremely stressful because I have AP (Advance Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) exams every day! These are tests high school students can take to earn college credit after completing the challenging high school course. Seniors take the most AP and IB exams because we are enrolled in the most pre-college classes. I am taking 8 AP and IB tests this year! Yikes! It is a ton of work, but it will all be worth it when I receive college credit and my IB diploma at the end of the year.
The Prom Princesses during a pep rally
Even though I am stressing over work, it doesn't mean that my school life has to be boring. I graduate from high school in about a month and a half, and many schools graduate in less than a month, so there are many fun senior activities going on! We have a senior picnic, awards ceremony, and of course, senior prom. I am honored to be on the Prom Court this year! This means that 5 girls and 5 boys from the senior class are nominated to be Prom Princes and Princesses, and the seniors vote at prom for 1 King and Queen. I get to do be involved in activities at school since I am a prom princess, like dressing up in silly outfits at pep rallys! The tradition of a Prom King and Queen is just another way to bring the senior class together before graduation. My school is also putting on an end of year musical. This year, it is Les Misérables! This is a wonderful musical and the fact that my friends are preforming in it makes it even better. As the testing winds down, the activities get more fun! Once testing season is officially over at the end of next week, I will be able to enjoy the end of my senior year.
Me at my school musical, Les Misérables

How do you celebrate the end of a school year? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Confident Commitment

Hey everyone! Today is May 1st, National College Decision Day. This means that all high schoolers in the United States who are planning on going to college must commit by today. I am happy to report that I have made the decision to attend Stanford University! I am so excited to stay in California and attend this amazing college. Recently, I went to Admit Weekend on campus to learn more about the school! I stayed in a freshman dorm, went to activities, and even sat in on a couple of classes. There was even a gong you could hit if you were going to commit! Attending this Admit Weekend was a great way to ensure my love for the school and help me in my commitment decision. Check out some pictures from my weekend at Stanford below!
"Just Say Yes" Admit Weekend Posters
Admit Weekend at Stanford

My friend and I at a pep rally 
Commitment Gong!

Stanford University: My Future School
Although I am already committed to a university, I still have two more months of high school left! Are you still in school? What do you like to do during the end of the school year? Let me know in the comments!