Thursday, April 25, 2013

Choosing Colleges: Friends Edition

Hey everyone! While I am still in the process of deciding where to attend college next year, many of my friends have already committed to schools all around the United States. Some of my friends are staying close to home, while others are moving across the country. There are so many unique schools around the US it is hard to pick, but eventually everyone ends up somewhere perfect for them!

My friend Ally will be attending the University of Notre Dame next year. This school is in Indiana and has white winters with lots of snow and hot summers. It is also a big football school with great school spirit. My friend is extremely excited, but she has never lived anywhere outside of sunny California so it is going to be a big change for her. She had to go buy her first big coat and snow boots!

Another one of my friends, Reshma, is going to be attending Arizona State University. Arizona is perfect for someone wanting hot weather, because it gets even warmer than Southern California. Temperatures can get up to 43˚C in the summer.

My other friend, Amy, is going to Texas Christian University. Texas is a very popular destination for people from my school, and there are six girls going to TCU from my school this year! The weather is very similar to southern California, but the common attire and dialect is very different!

And where will I be going you might ask? Check back next week for more exciting updates about my journey choosing my college!

Remember, the national committing deadline is May 1st, so I have to decide soon!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Becoming Confident About College

Hey everyone! Now that it is mid April, seniors at Laguna Hills High are busy deciding which of their college options they should attend.  At the same time, colleges and universities are busy trying to persuade the students they admitted to commit to their school over another one.  Once a college admits you, they want to make sure you choose to go there!  
My friend at the Georgetown Admit weekend
At the USC Admit weekend
During April the colleges hold many events to “meet and greet” their accepted students.  One type of event is a local reception held in cities around the US (and internationally) for accepted students.  This past Saturday I was invited to 4 receptions in Orange County where I live!  Another type of event is the “Admit Weekend”, which is held at the University for prospective students to experience the campus and meet faculty and other prospective students.  I went to an Admit weekend a few weeks ago and am going to another one at the end of April.
The invitation to the Stanford meet and greet
At the Stanford Meet and Greet
April is an exciting time for me to get to know the colleges and find out which one is right for me!  May 1st is when all students need to submit their final commitment to the college they will attend, but my friends have already begun to send in their commitments to the college of their choice!
What would you do to find the right college choice? Let me know in the comments!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Events and Education

Hey everyone! Although AP tests are just around the corner, the seniors of Laguna Hills High School can still have fun and stay involved on campus. Three big events have happened on my campus recently that all the students are loving taking part in!

The first event was International Week. Students from all four grades represented different countries from around the world. At lunch, there were dances and music from countries along with a booth set up to display food from that country that students could eat! It was a great way for students to learn more about foreign nations while staying at school and eating yummy food! Check out the pictures below of some of the booths. There was even a Norway one!

The Peru booth that I worked
The Mexico booth
The Norway Booth
Next was the Powderpuff football game. This is where the girls of the oldest grade (the seniors) play the 2nd oldest grade (the juniors) in a flag football game. It is a great way for all the girls in one class to bond, increase school spirit, and learn good leadership and sportsmanship. Plus, it is so fun to run around the field with girls from your school. Of course, the seniors always want to beat the juniors and there is a big rivalry the entire week of school leading up to the game. This year, my grade the seniors won! It was great to win because it is the last Powderpuff game I will ever play in! Check out some pictures below!

Official Jersey Shirts
Finally is the API dance. When our school does really well on state testing at the end of each school year, our school rewards us with a free casual dance! Casual dances are always fun because everyone dresses up according to a theme and dances the night away in the school gym. This year the theme was Tropic Like It's Hot (drop it like it's hot pun, clever I know) so all the students dressed in rainforest attire! My friends and I dressed as rainforest animals. Check out the pictures below!

The Theme Poster

As you can tell, school has been keeping me busy, both socially and academically. I can't wait to move onto the next academic aspect of my life, college!

How do you socialize during a busy week? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Student's Selection

My online acceptance to Stanford
Hey everyone! Now that the April 1st date has past, I have heard back from all my colleges, public and private. It is going to be hard trying to decide which school I want to attend for the next for years! Many private school decisions came out this week. One I was accepted to is the University of Southern California. I love this school because it is in sunny Los Angeles with a fun school and sports environment. It is also close enough to home where I could drive home on a weekend to visit my family. Another private school I got into in California is Stanford University. This is a gorgeous school in Palo Alto, near San Francisco and is known for its prestigious academics. However, I also got into some private schools not in California! I was accepted to Georgetown University which is in American's capital, Washington DC and Washington University in St. Louis. These are both appealing schools that offer aspects I would not receive attending a college in my home state. Either way, I have a big decision on my hands! I am just very fortunate and happy that I have so many wonderful options. If you are applying to schools in the United States, I recommend you apply to a variety of schools in different locations and with different academic rigor so you will end up in a school you love.
My acceptance letter to USC

To learn more about the best public and private colleges in the United States like their location, class size, and atmosphere click here!

The next step for me is admitted student weekend trips! This is where I spend a day or two at the college I was accepted into and learn about the different programs and activities offered at the campus. After these visits, I will be one step closer to making my decision!

Where in the United States would you like to attend college? Let me know in the comments!