Monday, June 24, 2013

Graduation and Grad Night Gratuity

Hey everyone! This week served as a great culmination of my high school years through many fun end-of-year events. The main event was senior graduation! However, leading up to graduation day we had a whole week of fun senior activities. We had a senior breakfast, picnic, and lots of pictures of the senior class together. Our graduation ceremony was held in our football stadium so all the family and friends of the 430 graduating seniors at Laguna Hills High School could come watch the graduation ceremony. This graduation ceremony included speeches from several students, teachers, and school board members. I wore a gold robe because I received an International Baccalaureate degree. I also had many chords to decorate my robe to show I had received many honors. The gold chord represented California Scholastic Federation, the blue represents National Honors Society, and the green represents Spanish Honors Society.
My graduation robe and chords
My friend and I graduating
The graduation ceremony with IB students (in gold) in front
Right after the ceremony we went straight into Grad Night which was an all night party held at the school. Grad night is put together so all students can spend one fun, safe, last night together before parting separate ways. The entire night is filled with great food, games, and prizes. Its like an amusement park at your own school! There was a photo booth to take fun pictures, a casino, and even a hypnotist to hypnotized our friends! The theme was Hollywood and Movies, so the entire school was decorated in this theme. It was great seeing blown up pictures of hunky Hollywood actors! It was such a fun night and a great way to wrap up my last year of high school.
Smile for the photo booth!
In front of the Hollywood sign at Grad Night
How did your school/work year end? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grateful Graduates: Senior Awards Night

Hey everyone! Since it is the end of the school year, the seniors were invited to a special awards night honoring all their achievements over the past year. This was a great end-of-year celebration to recognize the truly exceptional graduating students. There were many different recognitions and awards given out. Many school scholarships were announced that night while all students who had already received a merit scholarship to their future university were recognized. In total, the students at my school received over 2.9 million dollars in merit based scholarships! Scholarships were not the only focus of the night as many awards for other aspects like academics and character were given out. The top 5% of graduating seniors with the highest grades were named "Medallion Scholars" and given a medal to wear during the ceremony. I worked very hard during high school so I was one of these lucky Medallion Scholars! I am so excited to wear my medal at graduation. Also, ten "Hawk Soar" (hawks are our school mascot) plaque awards were given out to ten seniors who demonstrated the best traits of a Laguna Hills student. I was fortunate to receive this award as well! I am so happy I have left my mark on the school before I graduate in a week. Senior Awards Night was a great way to honor the students who have worked extremely hard throughout high school before they end their journeys, graduate, and move onto bright futures!

Medallion Scholars
My principal who gave out the Hawk Soar awards
My friends and fellow Medallion Scholars
How does hard work get recognized at your school? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Achievement Attire: Preparing for Graduation

My school's IB cap and gowns
Hey everyone! I have only 10 days of high school left until I graduate and start summer! Since senior year is coming to a close, it is time for all seniors to receive their caps and gowns. Each American high school senior receives many things that they wear at the graduation ceremony. A cap and gown is the most important and is the hat and robe worn during graduation. At my school, if you complete the International Baccalaureate program you get to wear a gold robe instead of a brown one! The robes are gold and brown because those are our school colors. Another important part is found on the cap: the tassel! The tassel is originally hung on the right side and it is tradition to move it to the left side once you receive your diploma. It's a super exciting experience! Finally comes what is worn over the gown. Students receive different colored ropes and cords to wear around their necks based on the clubs they were involved in at school. You can get cords for being in any club from Student Government to Spanish Honors Society. This is like a final incentive for being productive in high school. In the picture below, you can see my friends from their gradation with lots of cords! Some even spice up their outfits with flower leis. I cannot wait until I get to wear all this at my graduation in two weeks!
My friends with their gowns and cords at graduation

How do you celebrate graduation? What do you wear during the ceremony? Let me know in the comments!