Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In your "free" school time

Hey everyone! There is one thing I love the most about American high school. It makes all the other hard classes you are taking more bearable, and its called electives! Electives are classes within school that appeal to your interests. There is everything from drama to art to languages to photography! Every student is required to take electives, but they are fun and interesting so no one minds. Electives are a great way to explore different interests in different fields all within the comfort of your high school. Sound cool right? Some of the electives I am involved in are Model United Nations, Spanish, and Video Production.

They are all more artsy types of classes and are a good break from your core classes throughout the day. Other popular electives at my school are ceramics, graphic design, auto shop, and woodshop. There is truly an elective to fit every interest. I wish I had more room in my schedule to try different classes, but for now the few electives I am involved in are very exciting!

Here is a video my school's video production team made. It talks all about the cool electives offered at my school, and other American high schools alike. Check it out!

What electives would you be interested in taking? What are some of your interests? Let me know in the comments!


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