Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring into Action

Hey everyone! These past few weeks schools around the United States have been having spring break! Spring break is a week long vacation all school levels give out around April and Easter time. It's a good break before the hard end of the year exams given in May and June.
People use this week long vacation to do different things. Most use it to travel, near or far. People go to the beach to get their tan on or mountains to shred the snow. Both climates are in California hours away. Some people use this time to travel far away. Families travel to other states in California or even other countries. Countries in Europe and North America are always prime spots for California tourists.
Most older teenagers who are getting ready to apply to colleges use this time to tour colleges around the United States. When applying for college, it is important to see the school and make sure it is a good fit. This is why this break is a great time to fly around the country touring different schools you want to see. Most people choose a specific state and tour different colleges in that area. Since there are hundreds of colleges in the U.S., not all can be toured. Yet, if you are considering attending a college it is important to at least know what environment you will be living in.

Do you have a "spring break" at your school? Let me know in the comments!


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