Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its Testing Time

Hey everyone! This week at my school we have been taking a series of tests for the state of California called CSTs. So what is CST testing you may ask? It stands for California State Testing. Students grades 2nd through 11th take multiple choice tests on different subjects like English, history, math, and science specialized with the subjects they are taking that year. I took tests on English, United States History, Physics, and Calculus this year. Each state has there own version of these tests which tell the state how well the schools are teaching students. It helps educators know if their teaching methods are working. The results are important to schools, which can be sanctioned by the state for multiple years of low performance. That is why it is really important for students to try their hardest on the tests. Schools offer many incentives to get schools to preform well on the tests like closer parking spots and free admittance to dances for the top scores and most improved scores. May is a month full of tests, but knowing that you are helping your school and your education makes it all worth while.

Check out this website for any other questions you have about US state testing!
CST Website
What tests do you take in May at your school?

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