Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The End of the Beginning

Hey everyone! This week is very stressful for students at my high school, since its final exam week! Our school is based on a semester system which divides the year into two parts. We have final exam periods at the end of each semester. Each class gives one large test, that takes about two hours, which influence your end grades! Most finals are 20% of the final grade! With this is mind, this week and the days before are very stressful and filled with studying! Many people get together in study groups to productively study for a specific subject. Once this week is over, we have a formal dance to celebrate!
This dance, winter formal, takes place the weekend after first semester finals each year. The unique part about winter formal is it is a girls ask guys to be their date dance! This means that girls have to ask guys to be their date to the dance! Many girls carry out elaborate and cute methods of asking, like with balloons, puzzles, cake, etc.
Its a fun twist to a formal dance, since guys usually ask girls to be their date. It makes this end of finals dance truly memorable. Plus, since it is a formal dance, everyone wears their favorite dresses and gets their hair and makeup done! For the boys, they get suits with ties matching their date's dress. Its a fun way to coordinate! Also, the dance takes place in a country club, so there is lots to do along with dancing. Last year there were casino tables set up with pretend gambling! It was a fun way to have an activity that everyone liked that was all in good fun.

How do you like to celebrate the end of a stressful week? Let me know in the comments!


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