Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Sporty-Land

Hey everyone! Now thats it is getting into the winter season, all the sports are changing! All the fall sports like American football are over, and another sport has stolen the center spotlight... basketball! Basketball is another popular sport here in the United States. Since it takes place inside the gym, not outside on a field like american football, it is perfect for the chilly and windy winter weather.  Although basketball is not as popular as american football, it is still a fun occasion to get together and support your school. People paint their faces, wear team gear, and participate in chants that engage both team's fans. The best part is when a player slam dunks the ball!
Another fun winter sport is football, or soccer in America. This is played on the field when American football is over, and is another fun sport to watch as well! All of the games end up being close, normally with 1 point difference!

Although all sports at school are fun, winter sports are some of the best! It makes these long cold months truly enjoyable!

What is your favorite season for sports? Let me know in the comment below!


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