Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Loads of Awards

Hey everyone! Here in the United States, it is the beginning of spring. And spring means award season! Awards for celebrities that is. Most of the main music, movie, and television award shows occur in the end of winter and beginning of spring. For each award show, there is a big tv broadcast showing the ceremony, filled with a comedic host, live performances, and of course the giving of awards. These awards are given out of the winners in each category, ranging from best movie or song to best lead male actor or new artist. Some of these awards are chosen by a committee, while others are voted for online. Three main awards shows around this time are the Grammys, the Academy Awards, and the Emmys.

The Grammys take place in the beginning of February and specifically award musical celebrities. Awards are given out to best song, best rap artist, best pop album, and the list goes on. This year the big winner was Adele, wining 6 grammys including record, album, and song of the year. 
The Academy Awards happen in the end of February and specifically award actors and actresses in movies. Not only do they award actors and actresses, but they award people for all aspects of the movies like scripts, directors, sound, and music in the movies. The awards given out at this event are called Oscars, and are probably the most prestigious and anticipated awards of the whole year.
Finally, the Emmys take place in May. The Emmys celebrate all aspects of television from actors to directors to writers. It's always fun to see which television shows win for best drama and comedy, while seeing the actors and actresses that win as well. 

What award shows do you like watching? Let me know in the comments!


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