Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On an Island in the Sun

Hey everyone! This summer is a great time to travel to different places. These locations can be far away, but you can have just as much fun close to home as well! When I want a fun weekend vacation, I travel to the island only 27 miles off the coast of Los Angeles: Catalina Island! I took a boat trip to get there and it only took one hour. Talk about a paradise close to home! There are many fun places like Catalina Island that have great activities to keep you busy. You can go to the beach, eat at nice restaurants, kayak and fish, and even zip line! I went on a zip lining eco-tour through the mountains of the island and it was amazing! I got to see many plants and animals that only live on the island. Plus, I got to zip through the trees with nothing but a harness holding me up!
For people who have a busy summer like mine, its great to go on a mini vacation to get away for a few days. Although Catalina Island may not be close to you, with a little research you can find your own local paradise!
What do you like to do for mini vacations in your hometown? Let me know in the comments! 



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