Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Sports Camps are Here

Hey everyone! Although high school is out for the summer, sports are never done! Almost all fall sports and some winter and spring sports have summer camps during the summer. This is an extended practice to keep returning players in shape and introduce beginners to the sport. Although this is a good time to practice, it is also a key point in deciding which players will make the team, and which level they will be on if they make it. That is why it is important to come to camp everyday, and come prepared!

When freshman enter high school, it is important for them to try new sports without the fear of not standing up to the competition. This is why many sports have a freshman only team that does not cut anyone. This way all freshman who want to try out the sport have the opportunity to and can learn the sport at their own speed. Unfortunately, once you get to the Junior Varsity and Varsity levels, the competition heats up and you gotta bring it!

If you want to practice your passion or learn a new sport, summer camps are the perfect time to do so. Hey, you might even find a hidden talent!

What do you do during the summer? Let me know in the comments!



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