Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Incredible Interviews

Hey Everyone! In addition to reading all about you through your high school transcript, your list of extracurricular activities, your recommendations, and your personal essays, many private colleges offer personal interviews as another way to learn about whether you would be a good fit at their school.  These interviews are sometimes held at the admission office at the school, but since there isn’t time or resources to interview all applicants that way, most interviews are done by alumni of the school that live all around the country.  That way, applicants can have an interview in the town where they live and don’t have to travel to the school.  The alumni are familiar with the school and will let the admissions office know if they think you will be a good fit for the school after the interview. 

The college interview probably isn't the most important part of your application, but it can help you if you make a good impression. A bad impression may hurt your chances of getting accepted.  An interview is also an important way to let you ask questions about the college and make sure it has everything you are looking for as well.

Before a college interview it is important to prepare like you would for any interview.  Here are some tips:
  1. Research the school- so you can be informed when answering questions 
  2. Think about your responses- to common interview questions-so you can be prepared
  3. Give complete answers - don’t just answer “yew” or “no” to questions.  They want to know as much about you as they can.
  4. Dress neatly- it shows you care about the interview and want to make a good impression
  5. Show interest- by asking questions about the school (that are well thought out and not easily found on the website.)   They want to know that you want to go to their school.
  6. Don’t bring your parents into the room – talk with the interviewer by yourself, that way your parents won’t answer the questions for you.
Check out some common questions asked in college interviews by clicking here!

How do you feel about college interviews? Are you confident in your interviewing skills? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Hi Amanda (: I don't know if you remember me from today at Oslo Handelsgymnas, I'm Tora. It was nice meeting you today, and your presentation was very nice. I will be going to Texas and California next summer, if you're interested, I can let you know when and maybe we can see each other! I left my blog URL (it's in Norwegian though) so if you're interested let me know! But ofc, I do understand if you find it strange since you meet so many new people probably all the time. Hope your trip to Ă…lesund will be nice! xo Tora

    1. Hi Tora I totally remember you! Thanks for such a nice comment and looking at my blog:). I checked out your blog and I loved it!! Such cute pictures:) and it wasn't too hard to understand the pictures helped!

      I would love to meet up with out if you are coming to California!! We have to keep in contact:) Let me know when you are traveling out here and I will make sure we meet up!:)

    2. Awesome! Do you have Twitter or Facebook? I'm "torakornelia" or Tora Sandnes, follow/add me! I will be in the States all of July, but I'm not sure when exactly I'll be in California!
      How's being back in Cali? I think you came on perfect timing, it's between 5-15F nowadays.. and A LOT of snow lol!

    3. I friended you on Facebook! I don't have a Twitter though:(

      And let me know when you will be in the states just send me a message on facebook!!

      Haha I am glad I came with nice weather! It is pretty warm here but lots of rain.

  2. Hi Amanda, I know this is unrelated, but I hope you can forgive me. I like the idea of writing a blog, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go for it- do you have any advice? I don't have a lot of confidence or self-esteem, but maybe you have an idea :) Thanks x

    1. Thanks for such a great comment and I am glad you are interested in the blogging world! I think you should definitely start a blog if you want to. Luckily for you, you are behind a computer screen so there is no reason to get nervous! Just write about things that interest you are you will be sure to have a good time. Go for it! If you have an idea don't let your fears get in your way. This is a great opportunity for you to grow as a person and hopefully become more confident. You can do it!

      Good luck!