Monday, December 3, 2012

Admittance Attitude

Hey everyone! November 30th was the deadline for the public schools in California, the UC schools and Cal State schools, and December 1st was the deadline for applying early to many private schools like USC. (Check out my October 14th post for more on these schools!) However, almost all private colleges have a January 1st deadline for regular decision.  The upside to applying to these institutions early is hearing back from them earlier! A lot of my friends have already heard back from colleges they applied to, and they are all super excited that they are going to college! The great part is there are many different schools you can apply for early, so you might hear back from multiple schools in the end of fall or early winter. You might even get into your dream school early and not have to apply anywhere else!

One of the best parts about applying early is, of course, getting in. Since I am applying to college right now, my friends and I love watching college acceptance reactions on YouTube! Watching other people get so excited when they get into the schools of their dreams motivates you to try for your dream school as well! Plus, they are always funny and a good relaxer during the stressful college application time. Watch my favorite reaction video below! (Watch your volume, there is screaming!)

To everyone who has already submitted early applications: Good luck! You will be hearing back soon and I know you will end up in the perfect school for you.

To everyone who is applying regular or who is too young to apply: It's never too early to start on your application to your dream school! If you put a lot of work into it, who knows what the outcome will be. I know you will also end up in a school perfect for you.

Have you applied to any colleges early? Would you? Let me know in the comments below!


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