Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grateful Graduates: Senior Awards Night

Hey everyone! Since it is the end of the school year, the seniors were invited to a special awards night honoring all their achievements over the past year. This was a great end-of-year celebration to recognize the truly exceptional graduating students. There were many different recognitions and awards given out. Many school scholarships were announced that night while all students who had already received a merit scholarship to their future university were recognized. In total, the students at my school received over 2.9 million dollars in merit based scholarships! Scholarships were not the only focus of the night as many awards for other aspects like academics and character were given out. The top 5% of graduating seniors with the highest grades were named "Medallion Scholars" and given a medal to wear during the ceremony. I worked very hard during high school so I was one of these lucky Medallion Scholars! I am so excited to wear my medal at graduation. Also, ten "Hawk Soar" (hawks are our school mascot) plaque awards were given out to ten seniors who demonstrated the best traits of a Laguna Hills student. I was fortunate to receive this award as well! I am so happy I have left my mark on the school before I graduate in a week. Senior Awards Night was a great way to honor the students who have worked extremely hard throughout high school before they end their journeys, graduate, and move onto bright futures!

Medallion Scholars
My principal who gave out the Hawk Soar awards
My friends and fellow Medallion Scholars
How does hard work get recognized at your school? Let me know in the comments!


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