Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dorms, Roommates, and Football, Oh My!

Hey everyone! This week was my first week at Stanford University! So much goes into moving into college and living in a dorm room. Check out the video below to find out all about my experience.

Some of the most exciting aspects of my week were move in and the first football game! On the first day, I met all of my roommates (I have four because I am in a quad-style room) and I got to set up my dorm room with all my cool stuff! I got to put all the storage stuff I bought to good use because I had a lot of stuff to put in my little room. Below is a picture of me and my roommates in front of our dorm!
Moving in!

Roommate love
Next was the first football game. American football is extremely popular, especially at the college level. Stanford has a good football team, so the games are extremely exciting. There is even an amazing Stanford marching band that plays at all the games and pumps up the crowd. It makes the experience even better! Check out some pictures below from me and my friends at the game!

This week has been very busy, but incredibly fun. I am extremely excited for the brand new adventure I am about to embark on! What kind of person would you want to room with? Let me know in the comments!


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