Friday, October 4, 2013

Classes and Community, Traditions and Tasks

Hey everyone! This week is my second week of classes at Stanford University. Although the caliber is higher and concepts can be challenging, I love how intellectually stimulating the classes are. Being surrounded by so many smart people makes discussion interesting! We also have a huge campus, so I have to ride my bike everywhere to get to classes. Check out the video below to see some other cool parts of the Stanford Campus!

My freshman dorm has also put on many fun events for us to get into the college spirit. We have ice cream social nights, Insanity work out sessions, themed parties, and birthday showers where the birthday student gets thrown in the shower on midnight on their birthday! The biggest tradition for the freshman dorms is the scavenger hunt in San Francisco. The dorm is divided into teams with a list of tasks to complete that take place all over the city! We had to ride three forms of public transportation, buy unpronounceable food, find a obscure dragon statue, and even try on clothing worth over 1,000 US dollars. Bonus points if a boy tries on an expensive dress! This was a super event to help me bond with different people in my dorm and explore the city of San Francisco that borders Stanford!

Strike a pose!
America themed party!

Scavenger hunt madness-boy in a dress! Bonus!

Day in San Fransisco
Thrown in the shower on my birthday!

What traditions do you have in your school? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Hey, Amanda! I've come across your blog and it's really nice to see you having fun in Stanford. Hope you spend awesome years there! Miss you <3

    1. Aww thank you! I miss you too and I am glad you enjoyed the post.