Monday, March 10, 2014

Live from Stanford Dining: Mardi Gras Spectacular

Hey everyone! Last week was Mardi Gras, a very popular holiday at American universities (and Stanford is no exception). To learn more about Mardi Gras celebrations all over the world, click here!

At American universities, Mardi Gras is usually celebrated through a themed party or event where everyone dresses up in masks or green, yellow, and purple attire. However, my school took Mardi Gras above and beyond through a special Mardi Gras dinner celebration at my dining hall! The entire facility was decked head to toe in decorations, all in the green, yellow, and purple color scheme of Mardi Gras. There was special food to represent New Orleans (the center of Mardi Gras celebration in the United States) along with entertainment from student clubs on campus, like a live band and performances from different dance groups. There was even a fancy cocktail station (virgin, of course). It was so great to celebrate this fun and festive holiday in my own dining hall. Check out some pictures with the highlights below!

Special Mardi Gras photo booth! Say cheese!

The dining hall fully decorated

My (virgin) mint mojito!

The student band preforming live music for hungry students

A student tap dance group preforming

Overall, the event at the dining hall was an amazing celebration of New Orleans culture through specific food, decorations, and entertainment choices. I had so much fun celebrating Mardi Gras at Stanford!

Did you celebrate Mardi Gras? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Can you do a "Day in the Life" of a college student? Would be really interesting to compare as I am at university in England! Thanks

    1. You are in luck, I just posted a Day in the Life video! Hope it gives you a little glimpse into an average day in my life.