Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Bliss

Hey everyone! This week, I traded study sessions for sleeping in and textbooks for tan lines. This can only mean one thing: it's spring break for Stanford University students! Since Stanford is a quarter system school, spring break falls in-between winter quarter and spring quarter. And no quarter is complete without its share of final exams. Last week, I was basically living in the library preparing for my final exams. But now, finals and winter quarter have passed and I have time to relax on my week-long break before spring quarter begins. Schools on the semester system have spring break in the middle of their semester, normally after midterms. However, an advantage to the quarter system is having no work to do and no classes to worry about while on break!

College students on spring break normally travel somewhere coastal and warm. For southern schools, Florida is a popular destination while Mexico, especially Cabo San Lucas, is the hot spots for west coast students. Most freshman, myself included, take this time to travel home and visit family and friends. While I may be at home this break, I am still enjoying sunny southern California! I really wanted to spend the week relaxing and rejuvenating after my stressful finals, and there isn't any better place to take time off then at home. Even though the weather has been cloudy, it hasn't stopped me from visiting my favorite restaurants or hanging out with my hometown friends!

Best friend dessert run to celebrate being home for break
Reading on the beach even though its chilly!
Beach trip with the family
What do you like to do on your breaks from school? How do you relax after big exams? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I don't really understand the "quarterly" system, sounds confusing but I guess its good to have lots of breaks.

    1. The quarter system is pretty confusing since it is a lot different from the typical semester system. Basically, we have three chunks of school during the school year where we take classes for 10 weeks. Then we have final exams and a break, and start our next chunk of 10 week classes. In a semester system, you have your breaks in the middle of classes where we have ours after final exams. We also change classes faster, but take them for a shorter amount of time. Hope this helps!