Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Strutin' for Charity!

Hey everyone! This weekend was very exciting as I was in a fashion show! I walked the runway with 22 other 11th grade girls from neighboring high schools. We are all involved with a program called National Charity League that hosts this fashion show every year to raise money for 18 different charities. We raise about 30 thousand dollars to donate to the charities. Its an incredible experience, and its even better knowing we are doing it for a great cause. There were even 9 high school junior boys in it as well who brought some spunk to the show!

In addition to this show, we do lots of community service for these 18 charities throughout the year. This includes delivering meals to senior citizens, helping teach children with disabilities, and serving meals to homeless families. Although it's a lot of hard work, each experience is worth it knowing the good I am doing for the community.

Would you ever want to be in a fashion show? What community service do you do for your community? Let me know in the comments!



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