Thursday, January 17, 2013

Exam Exhaustion

Gotta hit those books!
My friends and I taking a "study break"-very important!
Hey everyone! Now that we have been back from our Holiday Break for two weeks, it's time to begin our week of final exams. My school is on a semester system, so two semesters per school year, and the first semester ends next week. The last week of the semester is always filled with final exams, and then there is a big Winter Formal dance at the end of the week to celebrate being done with exams and the first semester. My friends and I are studying hard this weekend because this semester grades are important for colleges. After first semester, every senior applying to college needs to send the mid year grade report, which has all your grades from first semester, to all their colleges. Colleges will look at this along with the application already sent in to make their decision.
My date for the Winter Formal Dance
My hardest exams will be for the classes AP Spanish and AP biology. These classes are college level classes, so they are much harder and have harder finals. Luckily, if you do really well you can take a test at the end of the year to get college credit so you do not need to take certain classes while in college. Because of this, I am really motivated to do amazing on my final exams and then rock out with my friends when it is all over!

How do you study for your final exams? What are your hardest courses with final exams? Let me know in the comments!


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