Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready for the End and the Beginning

New Year's Celebration
Hey everyone! Happy New Year! The celebration for New Year's Eve was very hectic for me this year! First, I hosted a New Year's Eve party for all of my friends. They all came over to my house and we danced and played games until midnight when we all counted down to 2013. We all blew streamers and noisemakers, wore funny hats, and celebrated for the first hours of 2013! Unfortunately since you have to stay up to midnight, I didn't go to bed till late and I was very tired the next day! 
Happy New Year
Last minuete submittals
The next day was January 1st and the last day to submit college apps. And guess what, I submitted a college app that day right before the deadline. I know I am crazy! But better at the deadline then never! Good thing my late night didn't hurt my application. It's always good to submit everything you want and never miss out on any opportunities. So now that the deadline is officially over, I can say I am officially done with all my college apps. No more last minute submittals for me! Now I can truly enjoy the last couple of days of break before I go back to my hectic school schedule on January 7th.

How did you spend your New Year's Eve and the first day of 2013? Let me know in the comments!


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