Friday, February 15, 2013

Sporty Seniors

A senior with her family getting honored
We <3 our Seniors signs
Hey everyone! With the season of winter coming to an end, so are the winter sports. And with the ending of a sports season comes senior night! This night is on the last home game played as a special tribute to the athletes who have played that sport throughout high school. Now that they are seniors, this is probably the last time they will play that sport, especially at our high school. We make posters for them to line the gym and they get to have a speech read about them while they walk through a balloon arch with flowers. It is a pretty cool event! Senior nights are very sad because it celebrates a huge part of an athlete's life coming to an end, but it is heartwarming because it shows moving on to a exciting future. Don't worry, all the spring sports still have their entire season before their senior night! So there will be lots more opportunities to support those sporty seniors.
Fans cheering them on

How do you celebrate students who are graduating? Let me know in the comments!


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