Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Donating and Delegating

Hey everyone!
This past Saturday was really busy, as I was part of the Secretariat board that planned and put on the 21st annual Model UN conference for Laguna Hills High school.  The conference went very smoothly, even the weather cooperated by being sunny and 20 degrees Celsius!  600 student delegates came from all over Orange County and represented various countries in organized committees that discussed how to solve various global issues.   At the end of the conference we gave out awards for the outstanding delegates and the best research.  In two weeks I will be going up to University of California at Berkeley to attend another conference—as a delegate this time.  Hope I win an award!
 At the LHHS conference we were even able to collect over $300 for our conference philanthropy--Futbol  4 Dreams.
Futbol 4 Dreams is a non-profit organization at LHHS that began in 2006 and sends soccer balls and sports material to children worldwide.  The delegates at our conference decorated over 20 soccer balls with inspirational messages and positive images. These soccer balls will be sent to developing countries around the world.  Futbol 4 Dreams has already sent decorated soccer balls and equipment to more than twenty-five nations across the globe.   

What charities do you support? Does your school work with any charities? Let me know in the comments!


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