Thursday, March 7, 2013

Laker Lunatics

The Lakers playing the Hawks
Supporting the team with a sign
Hey everyone! As I have mentioned before, the winter season is the prime time for basketball. However, high schoolers aren't the only ones hitting the courts, professional basketball is also happening this winter and spring season. Basketball is a crazy and exciting sport to watch because something is always occurring like a turnoverpersonal foul, or slam dunk. (click the words if you don't know their meanings!) It's one thing to watch this action on your TV at home, but its even more thrilling to watch it live in an arena!
Celebrating with streamers
Last weekend, my friends and I traveled to Los Angeles to support the basketball team from that city, the Lakers! It was an intense game, and the Lakers ended up winning by only two points. Talk about a close call! After the Lakers won, streamers were dropped on all the fans to celebrate. It was so cool! That does not happen when you watch at home. Overall, it was such a fun experience to watch the professional game live. I definitely recommend it! Watching any sport live, whether its indoor or outdoor, professional or high school, makes it a fun and exciting event.

What sports do you like to watch? Have you ever been to a live sporting game? Let me know in the comments!

My friends and I at the game

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