Monday, March 18, 2013

Working Warriors

Hey everyone! Although school is a very important part of any American teen's life, there are many other things that students are involved in outside of the classroom. Many teenagers spend their time working a part time job. In the United States, once you are 16 you can legally work a certain amount of hours a week outside of school. Having a job is a exciting way that many teenagers increase their independence and resonsiblity. If you make your own money you can spend it any way you want! But having a job isn't always as easy and fun as it sounds. Working teenagers must balance their schedules with sports and homework and they might even miss out on events with their friends. However, I think that the positives of having a job outweigh the negatives, but you must find a balance that works for you! Since students have a lot of free time during summer vacation, its the perfect time to get a job. I worked as a tennis instructor over the summer, teaching little kids tennis. It was a win win for me, since I got payed to teach others about the sport I love.

My friends are working in numerous different fields. My friend Emily works in a clothing boutique called Heavenly Couture. She loves it because she is interested in fashion. However, it is stressful when she has to close up the shop late at night all by herself. She has to put the alarm on and lock all the doors and get out all in 60 seconds! It definitely took some practice. My other friend Tyler works in the movie theatre. He has basic duties like collecting tickets and serving popcorn, but he also gets cool perks like counting the amount of people in a movie theater and then getting to watch the movie for free after! It is the perfect incentive for a movie-lover. One of my friends, Molly, is a barista at Starbucks. I always go to her to make my favorite drinks and they are delicious! Whatever your interests are, or if you just want to make money and build your resume, there is a job out there for every teenager who wants one. Just make sure you have time for it! My friends have to make sure they manage their time wisely and plan all other extracurricular actives around their jobs. With a great job comes great responsibility!

Would you want to work in high school? Where would you want to work for your first job? Let me know in the comments!


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