Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Countdown to Choosing a College

My mom and I at UC Los Angeles
Hey everyone! Now that April 1st is approaching fast, seniors are starting to hear back from potential colleges. All colleges must inform their applicants by April 1st and all students must commit to a college by May 1st. Fortunately for me, I have already heard back from all the University of California schools I applied to. To learn more about these schools check out my old post about public Californian colleges by clicking here. I have gotten accepted to every UC school I applied to: UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego! I am extremely excited because all of these schools are great in their own ways and I am looking forward to touring them and learning more about each campus. Most of the schools I have already seen, but it is always more fun to observe as an potential student!
My friend touring UC Berkeley
I am also very happy about my acceptance to the UC schools because they have everything I am looking for in an university. I want a school with warm weather, good social student body, rigorous academics, and exciting sports. Everyone is looking for different things in their university, so make sure you research all the different schools before you apply! I guarantee you will find the right school for you.
As I start to hear back from more and more schools, I will post after April 1st and let you all know which university I will be attending. It is such an exciting time! I will tell you all what colleges I am deciding between and during the month of April I will be posting about the visits I make to different colleges when trying to decide the one that is right for me.

What do you look for in your school/future university? Let me know in the comments!


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