Thursday, April 18, 2013

Becoming Confident About College

Hey everyone! Now that it is mid April, seniors at Laguna Hills High are busy deciding which of their college options they should attend.  At the same time, colleges and universities are busy trying to persuade the students they admitted to commit to their school over another one.  Once a college admits you, they want to make sure you choose to go there!  
My friend at the Georgetown Admit weekend
At the USC Admit weekend
During April the colleges hold many events to “meet and greet” their accepted students.  One type of event is a local reception held in cities around the US (and internationally) for accepted students.  This past Saturday I was invited to 4 receptions in Orange County where I live!  Another type of event is the “Admit Weekend”, which is held at the University for prospective students to experience the campus and meet faculty and other prospective students.  I went to an Admit weekend a few weeks ago and am going to another one at the end of April.
The invitation to the Stanford meet and greet
At the Stanford Meet and Greet
April is an exciting time for me to get to know the colleges and find out which one is right for me!  May 1st is when all students need to submit their final commitment to the college they will attend, but my friends have already begun to send in their commitments to the college of their choice!
What would you do to find the right college choice? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Hey,
    I'm Jordy, a 17 year old guy from the UK. I've been learning about the civil war in college at the moment and have got really interested in the US, so thanks so much for showing college and stuff from your view :)

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy the posts. I hope my blog helps you learn more about the US!