Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Student's Selection

My online acceptance to Stanford
Hey everyone! Now that the April 1st date has past, I have heard back from all my colleges, public and private. It is going to be hard trying to decide which school I want to attend for the next for years! Many private school decisions came out this week. One I was accepted to is the University of Southern California. I love this school because it is in sunny Los Angeles with a fun school and sports environment. It is also close enough to home where I could drive home on a weekend to visit my family. Another private school I got into in California is Stanford University. This is a gorgeous school in Palo Alto, near San Francisco and is known for its prestigious academics. However, I also got into some private schools not in California! I was accepted to Georgetown University which is in American's capital, Washington DC and Washington University in St. Louis. These are both appealing schools that offer aspects I would not receive attending a college in my home state. Either way, I have a big decision on my hands! I am just very fortunate and happy that I have so many wonderful options. If you are applying to schools in the United States, I recommend you apply to a variety of schools in different locations and with different academic rigor so you will end up in a school you love.
My acceptance letter to USC

To learn more about the best public and private colleges in the United States like their location, class size, and atmosphere click here!

The next step for me is admitted student weekend trips! This is where I spend a day or two at the college I was accepted into and learn about the different programs and activities offered at the campus. After these visits, I will be one step closer to making my decision!

Where in the United States would you like to attend college? Let me know in the comments!



  1. That is so cool you have so many options! But I bet it's hard to chose one school. They all sound really good! I'm an Norwegian girl, also a senior, I'm gonna go the first year of college in Norway, and then I want to go the three last years in the States :) I've been looking at UNLV, a university in Nevada, that I would love to attend.

    I love reading through your blog, I find it very helpful, and I learn a lot that I need to know when I'm gonna start applying for college there.

    Good luck with your decision!

    1. Thank you so much for such a nice comment! I am so glad you are planning on going to college in the United States! The experience is very different from Norway but I think it's pretty fun and exciting! If you have any specific questions about college life, or want to learn more about a certain college, make sure to let me know!