Thursday, April 25, 2013

Choosing Colleges: Friends Edition

Hey everyone! While I am still in the process of deciding where to attend college next year, many of my friends have already committed to schools all around the United States. Some of my friends are staying close to home, while others are moving across the country. There are so many unique schools around the US it is hard to pick, but eventually everyone ends up somewhere perfect for them!

My friend Ally will be attending the University of Notre Dame next year. This school is in Indiana and has white winters with lots of snow and hot summers. It is also a big football school with great school spirit. My friend is extremely excited, but she has never lived anywhere outside of sunny California so it is going to be a big change for her. She had to go buy her first big coat and snow boots!

Another one of my friends, Reshma, is going to be attending Arizona State University. Arizona is perfect for someone wanting hot weather, because it gets even warmer than Southern California. Temperatures can get up to 43˚C in the summer.

My other friend, Amy, is going to Texas Christian University. Texas is a very popular destination for people from my school, and there are six girls going to TCU from my school this year! The weather is very similar to southern California, but the common attire and dialect is very different!

And where will I be going you might ask? Check back next week for more exciting updates about my journey choosing my college!

Remember, the national committing deadline is May 1st, so I have to decide soon!


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