Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming home, hawk style!

Hey Everyone! This week is very busy at our school, because it is Homecoming week! Homecoming is a big football game where all the alumni are motivated to come back to school and cheer on their old team. The week leading up to the big game, we have a big spirit week. Every single day has different dress up themes and pep rallies. All the students get really into it, and there is even competitions between grades. The day after the Homecoming football game, there is the first formal dance of the year, Homecoming. Everyone gets dressed up in fancy dresses and suits and dances the night away! There is even a Homecoming King and Queen voted by the school. Homecoming is a great way to bring spirit and unity to the school in a fun way!

Here is a video from last year's Homecoming game and spirit week. Check it out! I am one of the interviewers in the football game segment. 

What would your favorite part of Homecoming be? The football game, the dance, or the spirit week? Let me know in the comments!


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