Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Hey Everyone! This week at our school was Red Ribbon Week! This is one week during our school where we focus on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and try to promote healthy lives within the high school. The whole school is decorated with red ribbons, streamers, and posters to promote RRW. We have speakers come to talk to us about their experiences and hopefully change our minds for the better. There is even a banner in our school's main common area that everyone can sign to promise to be drug free. Drugs and alcohol are huge killers in the United States and in the entire world. Many students die from overusing these drugs or alcohol each year. One of the worst forms of death that is rapidly occurring in the United States is dying from a car crash with a drunk driver. This is horrible because there is nothing you could have done to prevent it, and our school is trying to make this death number drop. We have a simulation at our school called Every Fifteen Minutes, which stands for every fifteen minutes someone dies from a car crash related to drunk driving. Throughout the entire day, a grim reaper walks around our school and takes someone every fifteen minutes to be a ghost killed from a car accident for the whole day. Then during lunch, we have a whole simulation on an actual car crash from what happens to what are the consequences. We know that drug and alcohol use will never completely end in high schools, but hopefully these demonstrations will help keep innocent drivers alive. Overall, this week is a fun way to bring our school together and become healthy and happy!

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