Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Senioritis Struggle

Hey everyone! Senioritis has struck Laguna Hills High, and it's contagious! What is Senioritis? It's not an actual illness, but it can feel like one!

Here is the definition of Senioritis from the Urban Dictionary:

Now that we have been accepted to college, completed all our AP and IB exams, and already had our Senior Prom, it is so hard for my friends and I to focus on our classes for the last few weeks of school. Our school is in session until June 19th, so we have 20 more days to keep working.

Senioritis has hit me hard! I would rather text and not work
When Seniors' minds start to wander, they often start to think of Senior Pranks that they can play on the rest of the school. Senior Pranks are a tradition at American high schools and are a fun way for graduating students to leave their mark on campus. Some of my friends from other schools have done fun pranks like decorating the hallways and classrooms at their school with crazy streamers! These Pranks are always harmless but are a fun way for the seniors to leave the school with a bang.

Do you slack off in school before summer? How would you "prank" your school? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

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