Sunday, September 11, 2011

ACT- ready, set, test!

Studying hard
Hey everyone! This Saturday I took the ACT, or American College Testing. This test is very similar to the SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test. Both are tests that are required to be taken when applying to a United States college.  Different colleges have different requirements on how high the test score has to be to be admitted to their college. These tests measure overall knowledge, along with problem solving and critical thinking skills. You can take just the SAT, just the ACT, or both. The SAT is scored out of 2400 while the ACT is out of 36. Both have around the same number and types of questions. They both have an English section, where you read passages and answer questions about it, a mathematics section, with questions that require the use of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, another English section, that tests your knowledge on grammar and sentence rules, and an essay. Some noticeable differences between the two are the SAT tests you more on vocabulary and critical thinking skills, while the ACT tests you on what you already know, and has a science section that the SAT does not. They both are equally important and equally challenging! I have spent this summer taking classes for the ACT and SAT, and I take the SAT in October! I am very nervous to get my score back for the ACT! However, you can take the test as many times as you want until you get a score you're happy with.

Here is the website for the ACT:
Many students from outside the United States do not know about the ACT, but it is a great testing option if you want to go to college in the United States!

So, do you think you would be better on the ACT or SAT? Let me know in the comments!


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