Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Get Back into the Swing of Things

Although school has not started yet, sports teams have already started practicing. One of the main sports in American high schools is American football. Although this sport is incredibly fun to watch, the players must work extremely hard. The football team has been practicing twice a day, five days a week. Talk about a workout! Luckily for our school, our football team's dedication results in victory! Our team was undefeated last year, and hopefully we will be again this year!

Me and my cheer friends at a football game!

The football games are so fun. Everyone has a ton of school spirit and the stands are filled with students, teachers, and parents all dressed in brown and gold! (Our school colors). Some students just wear a shirt or jacket with the school name on it, but others go all out, completely covering their body with brown and gold clothes, along with painting their face! School spirit is a great part of our school, and it makes all the events entertaining! I will post some pictures and talk more about these games after the first football game!

Cheerleaders practicing
Another fun part of a football game is the cheerleaders! Every game, they are in front of the field leading the students in cheers. This helps keep the school spirit flowing throughout the game, and gets all students involved. If it weren't for them the games would be a lot more boring! A lot of my friends are cheerleaders and they come and visit me during their breaks. There may be some stereotypes about cheerleaders thinking they are mean and rule the school, but they are nice and spread school spirit at the games!

Practice makes perfect

Team meeting!
Although tennis is not such a popular sport to watch at the school, it is a big deal to me! Our team practiced for three weeks in July and started practicing again at the end of August. We have to work very hard because our first game is the first day of school! When we have away matches, we have to leave our last class early, change, then ride a bus over to the match. The matches can go for a long time and sometimes we don't get home till late! Its a lot of work, but its all worth it. 

What sports interest you? Would you like to attend a football game? Would you dress up in a ton of spirit gear or none at all? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I have to say
    Tennis > American Football.
    Since I'm from Norway we don't have any tradition with American Football. We are more in to soccer.

  2. Hey Patrick, thanks for your comment! Well I agree with your statement too, because I love tennis! However, American football is very fun to watch. Soccer is too! When I traveled to Norway this summer I saw how big soccer was. It's pretty exciting! Soccer is another big sport here as well, but American football games still get the most fans.