Friday, September 23, 2011

Driving Around

Hey everyone! This week was crazy, from having tests in almost every class to a tennis match every day of the week. Eleventh grade is one of the most stressful and busiest years of all high school! Along with all our classes, we have to study for the SAT and ACT, start applying to colleges, and get our licenses! When we turn sixteen in the US, right around the end of tenth grade or beginning or eleventh grade, we can take a driving test to earn our driving license! First you take classes to learn all about the road and driving rules. Then you take a written test and if you pass, you get your learning permit. Once you get your permit you should drive as much as possible to be ready for your actual driving test to get your license! Luckily, you get to have three lessons with a driving instructor to make sure you know everything for the test. You drive one of their special cars, so they can take control if necessary. I took my last driving lesson today, and I take my license test in a week. Wish me luck! We don't have trains and busses to take us to school and our activities, so it is very important to have a driver's license and a car.

What is your dream car? Let me know in the comments!


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